Meet Margrethe Vestager

She took on big tech- and succeeded in getting Google and Apple to fork out billions in unpaid taxes and fines. This is what Margrethe Vestager sees as the greatest duty she carries out on behalf of 500 million European citizens.

12/04/2019 13:46updated: 12/04/2019 14:52
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  • Alexandr K.
    19/04/2019 12:53

    Incompetence with power is very dangerous. The only consequence of her antigoogle activity is increase of the android phone prices.

  • Dobrosław S.
    19/04/2019 21:23

    Holy shit hahaha I almost pissed my pants while laughing. You idiots shouldn't really waste money on running campaign ads. This election means as much as this entire fucking "parliament" - nothing. If this broad posed even a slight threat to google, they would have already bought her stupid ass, or had her flushed down the river. 🤣🤣🤣🤣