Earth Overshoot Day came late this year

In 1961, Earth Overshoot Day in Europe took place on October 13th. This year, it took place five months sooner. Here is what the WWF is proposing to push it back where it belongs:

16/05/2019 14:32updated: 16/05/2019 17:29
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  • Gee J.
    28/05/2019 14:38


  • Fabio V.
    26/05/2019 07:09

    Paris agreement are not enough! Check the IPCC report 2018!

  • ניעלס מ.
    26/05/2019 02:51

    Useless video , time waster .

  • Volodymyr S.
    25/05/2019 21:40

    Maybe stop spending money on this advertising and make something useful instead.

  • Doru P.
    25/05/2019 21:16

    From all the possible solutions we seem to foresee , it seems impossible for us to see that our self destruction and perhaps extinction might be the most real outcome . We just fantasize of the immortality of that which can only die .. Being human is an experience . It involves its unique characteristics and it is not forever .

  • Botișel E.
    25/05/2019 20:46

    Nice video

  • Ovi T.
    25/05/2019 18:06


  • Jeton K.
    25/05/2019 17:47

    Does this guy really know what he’s talking about?

  • Georg J.
    25/05/2019 14:57

    too many people.

  • Александър Г.
    25/05/2019 08:16

    So ... the europeans have to die or to live like the people in Somalia or Yemen? Idiots.

  • Ovidiu R.
    25/05/2019 06:40

    right.. and US, India and China are what? a magic solar park and wind farm? go F yourself

  • Corneliu C.
    25/05/2019 04:57

    Oh, good. Send all non-European immigrants back home and no longer accept any non-European immigrants at all. Problem solved.

  • Vlăduţ L.
    24/05/2019 23:06

    Can you stop blaming us again and again? 🤗😇 Don't like Europe? Leave Europe!

  • Bogdan N.
    24/05/2019 21:39

    i can't believe some people are actually laughing at this...

  • Česťa K.
    24/05/2019 19:14

    Why did they put for first few second warer cooling towers? Steam coming from them is not clean? 😁

  • Adrian C.
    24/05/2019 17:43

    here we go again , scare people , push this agenda of apocalipse and on the other hand say that only certain political groups can fix it , (leftists).

  • Alis A.
    24/05/2019 15:51

    Of course, Europe is a culprit, and not China with its hunderds of coal burning power plants, hydroelectric dams which devastated local wildlife and ecosystems, with its air and water pollution and desertification. Murica (f*ck yeah) is neither the culprit with its fracking, exploiting oil from tar sands, with its huge gas gazzling trucks and pick-ups on the roads by hunderds of millions. But no, Europe is a main one to blame for global warming and climate change.

  • Samuel S.
    24/05/2019 15:27

    Nothing better for media image improvement than publishing nonsenses that no one can prove... 😎

  • Alex B.
    24/05/2019 13:44

    Only Europe îs a predator🤣🤣

  • Predrag B.
    24/05/2019 13:27

    I believe this numbers are true,but outcome is not.We are on verge of discovering safe and clean controllable fusion in next 20-30 years.That thing will be certainly game changer.We must span period of time needed for this discovery to happen with certain measures suggested here.

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