Greta Thunberg at the European Parliament

“You wouldn't hold three emergency Brexit summits and no emergency summit regarding the breakdown of the climate and environment.” This is what a tearful Greta Thunberg had to say to the European Parliament.

16/04/2019 17:03updated: 16/04/2019 19:29
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  • Serxhio K.
    16/04/2019 17:14

    Don’t cry will be rebuilding stronger than was

  • Kim S.
    17/04/2019 07:27

    The Catholic of the biggest landlords for slums in the world,one of the richest churches in the world,a home for paedophiles,who have been defended,are they not insured?.

  • Alexandru C.
    19/04/2019 13:29

  • Νίκος Ε.
    19/04/2019 14:25

    She doesnt even know how t cry

  • Andreea C.
    19/04/2019 14:55

    ooo honey ,health and enviorenment are the smallest consurnes of politicians.they have no ideea they r dad man walking ,fearless creatures with hunger for power and money.they care for nothing really ,not themselfs not there familys, now how can they care about dizasters and global warming and preventing the and off the fuckin world?

  • Romick V.
    19/04/2019 14:56

    So young and talks like that, looks pretty boring for me. I shouldnt be talking about kids, but its the truth. But atleast shes set, starting so young. Shes a kid and shes crying... Im almost 24 and i dont give a damn... i know climate change is bad... but its not gonna be me who is gonna change that... my mom yesterday forced me to put shit in the recycling bin, what difference does it make, the ones who need to change are factories and shit like that, big stuff, not me. Very very very boring

  • Festim S.
    19/04/2019 15:54

    ohhhhh loss of insects hahahahahah

  • Denis D.
    19/04/2019 16:33

    I remember when tears and emotions weren't valid arguments.

  • John F.
    19/04/2019 17:29

    Who the hell is DAT.

  • Diego C.
    19/04/2019 18:32

    Vai a cagare arrivi tu a cambiare il mondo chi ti caga

  • Neil G.
    19/04/2019 19:11

    The young lady is embarrassingly dim

  • Semgei D.
    19/04/2019 19:50


  • Echech L.
    19/04/2019 19:57

    She s annoying. Cant she get adult fast?

  • Nemanja B.
    19/04/2019 21:28

    180 Serbian monastery and church were destroyed and put on fire on Kosovo and Metohija, some of them are older and more beautiful than Notre Dame. Who will rebuild them? Maybe EU they send bombes together with NATO. France, Germany, Belgium, Nederland, UK.... America on top. Albanians put on fire in 2004 more than 150. What to say about this? GOD see everithing.

  • Alexandru I.
    19/04/2019 21:34

    Faina comedie :)))

  • Nikola S.
    19/04/2019 22:07

    If you're a politcian and you have to lie then at least do it properly. It's very ugly to see them not even cry properly.

  • Emina N.
    19/04/2019 22:07

    So is her speech gonna change something? Every year some smart kids show up with some speech and what?? Zero, nothing.. We just notice that still exist some smart and a conscious child 😴

  • Kc Z.
    19/04/2019 22:12


  • Όλια Π.
    19/04/2019 22:17

    Some of you people are pathetic . You can’t even take seriously a serious issue without making fun of it . Earth is our home and we are destroying it and you are talking about her being a child and being annoying and her not crying properly. You want a change without changing your ways yourself .

  • Dominik S.
    20/04/2019 00:52

    wie die noch “weint”