Puerto Ricans flee island after earthquakes

"Up until today, the ground has been shaking." Puerto Rican families have no choice but to flee their homes as earthquakes continue.

No choice but to flee

“Our lives completely, have completely changed since December 28, and up until today the ground has been shaking.”

“We don’t have any idea of when we’re going to go back to Puerto Rico because once again, our homes are located in the area where the strongest earthquakes of the island are.”

2,500 earthquakes in Puerto Rico More than 2,500 earthquakes have hit Puerto Rico’s southern region since December 28, 2019. And Puerto Ricans are uncertain about their future as more activity is being predicted.

Why are there so many earthquakes in Puerto Rico? “At about three times the size of Rhode Island, Puerto Rico is squeezed between the border of the North American and Caribbean tectonic plates…The Puerto Rico Trench, north of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands, is an undersea fault zone. The North American plate is sliding under the Caribbean plate there, creating the potential for earthquakes and undersea landslides that can set off tsunamis.”, The New York Times reports.

Some Puerto Rican families have decided to flee the island Hernán, Sharon, and Felipe are staying at their relative’s in Harlem within New York City. They live in the southern region of the island, the magnitude 6.4 earthquake that hit the island on January 7 forced them to leave. Thousands of Puerto Ricans have slept outside or in shelters, fearing new tremors.

The earthquakes have caused loss of power, loss of water, damaged homes, millions of dollars in property damage. And many Puerto Ricans are dealing with PTSD.

Call to action On January 23, Puerto Ricans took to the streets over unused emergency aid, some of which dated to when Hurricane Maria hit the island in 2017. Different states have sent emergency crew members to help with earthquake recovery. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the deployment of state building inspectors and mental health professionals to assist Puerto Ricans. “They need significant help to go back and actually inspect all these homes so you can give the homeowner comfort that your home has been inspected, it’s safe. Even if you do that, there’s still the question of, “is there going to be another earthquake that actually damages that home that hasn’t been damaged. So, that’s a significant issue.”, Governor Cuomo reveals.


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    Muy triste..

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    Dios proteja a todos mis hermanos Puertorriqueños y hermanos de sangre que estan pasando por esta pesadilla Dlb

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    Denle la gloria a Dios que están con vida la pérdida del hogar son cosas materiales y puedes comprar otra mucho mejor pero la vida es sólo una no hay que quejarse míralo positivamente están con vida que es lo importante las quejas no solucionan nada

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    Que a pasado con los danificado ya no escucha noticia

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    Dios con ustedes mi segunda Patria

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    God bless them all

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    03/09/2020 09:07

    Oh my God I'm just glad you all are save

  • Frances M.
    03/09/2020 09:05

    My beautiful Puerto Rican it's so sad what happened over there I have my brother Ruben out there and thank God nothing happened to him or his daughter Emily my nice

  • Yolanda F.
    03/09/2020 03:56

    Señor Bendice la Isla de Puerto Rico y ten Misericordia de su gente, Has que se acerquen a Ti y encuentren tu Camino mi Señor Jesús, Amén.

  • Trina F.
    03/09/2020 01:28

    Has racist sexual predator pricktator trump visit Puerto Rico yet???? Has he helped in anyway????? Smh

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    Come to the mainland

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    Me hace recordar cuando era niña en Mi país Honduras la Colonia donde viví tembló horrible y todo quedó igual que en este video recuerdo que nos refugiamos en la iglesia y ahí dormimos por meses y fue terrible Di oí s guardé mi lindo país y a puerto rico 🙏señor Jesús ten misericordia de tus hijos y perdonanos si hemos fallado m oí seric oí media padre escúchame mi rey Amén 🙏

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