1. Here's the problem with the term 'Hispanic'

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  14. Israel: the Green Passport and the fastest Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the world

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  17. Rise in deadly floods linked to global warming

  18. Brut Documentary: He’s been an addict for 10 years. His sister’s fighting to get him clean.

  19. Hiroshima survivor speaks up against nuclear weapons

  20. The life of James Baldwin

  21. How Arnold Schwarzenegger went from action hero to climate hero

  22. The Life of Jennifer Lopez

  23. She embraces her body hair and wants others to do it too

  24. What BBQ Looks Like Around the World

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  30. Meet the five genders of Indonesia

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  33. Brut documentary: Inside NYC's bike life culture

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  38. Kayleigh McEnany vs Donald Trump

  39. The life of Vladimir Putin

  40. Remembering Christopher Andrew Leinonen: A life lost at the Pulse shooting

  41. The evolution of “coming out”

  42. Malala, Pakistan's fearless education activist

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  43. The forgotten genocide of the 20th century

  44. Women share experience of rejecting men

  45. These cyberpunk artists are thwarting surveillance technology

  46. Some Palestinians and Israelis are working together for peace

  47. What you should know about the clitoris

  48. The 2021 Israel-Palestine conflict, explained

  49. The controversial tradition of dolphin hunting

  50. The life of Michelle Obama

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