1. Who Are "Yellow Vests" Protesters?

  2. Meet AMLO — the New President of Mexico

  3. Solar Suitcases Light Up Classrooms Across Africa

  4. Caravan taunted by Mexican protesters

  5. Powerlifter Won't Compromise Her Identity

  6. Vlogger is Challenging Muslim Stereotypes

  7. He attempted suicide due to relentless bullying

  8. Refugee Kids Overjoyed to See Their 1st Snowfall

  9. 106-year-old cyclist

  10. Nurses are Undervalued and Overworked

  11. Artworks of World Leaders As Refugees

  12. Epic Fail Robbery

  13. Woman Turns The Tables on Harasser

  14. Miss Holocaust Survivor Pageant

  15. Migrant Caravan of 7,000 People Heading to U.S.

  16. Teen Takes On Period Poverty

  17. Venezuela's Economic Freefall

  18. Sea turtles are strongly affected by plastic pollution

  19. Realities of Street Harassment

  20. He told his parents that he was gay

  21. Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Denis Mukwege

  22. Cameroon Crisis Trending Towards Genocide

  23. Fighting Preconceptions About the Deaf Community

  24. He Died Helping Save 148 Lives

  25. Mexico's President Refuses Luxuries

  26. Nicaraguan Kids Dance To Share Their Culture

  27. French President Macron argues with jobseeker

  28. Leading Brazilian Presidential Candidate Stabbed

  29. 8-Year-Old Alone on Birthday Inside a Detention Facility

  30. Pope advises understanding — and controversial comment about homosexuality

  31. Immigration: Trump vs Trudeau

  32. More men are embracing makeup

  33. The Slovenian brown bear population is growing constantly

  34. Kim Jung Un always looks so happy

  35. Reunited Korean Families

  36. Outcry for Witnesses of Domestic Violence to Speak Up

  37. He Saved His Child From Rampaging Wildfires in Greece

  38. First Openly Gay Candidate for Mayor in Moscow

  39. Measure to Legalize Abortion in Argentina Failed

  40. Bulletproof Backpacks Making Way Into Schools

  41. Thai Women Start a #MeToo Movement All Their Own

  42. Beauty Blogger Defends Exploiting "Servants"

  43. Survivors of Domestic Violence Given Paid Leave in NZ

  44. This Man is Stuck Living At an Airport

  45. She Stood Up To Prevent the Deportation of a Refugee

  46. Deadly violence escalates in Nicaragua

  47. Swastikas transformed into art

  48. Homophobia around the world

  49. Woman faces jail time for having a stillborn baby

  50. #FreePeriods

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