1. World Wide Web Creator — then and now

  2. Jorge Ramos Detained After Questioning Venezuelan pres

  3. First Transgender Woman to Run for PM in Thailand

  4. North Korean Defector is Anti-Trump

  5. Turning Trash Into Coffee Tables

  6. Dichotomy of Barack Obama and the Black Community

  7. 12-year-old is fighting for gun control

  8. Amal Clooney, civil rights lawyer and style icon

  9. Art Against Femicide

  10. "This is America" parody causes outrage

  11. Using Barbie to End "Poverty Porn"

  12. Trump Declares National Emergency To Fund Wall

  13. Women Are Only 202 Years Away From Equal Pay

  14. These young people are changing the world

  15. Jess Phillips on the post-Brexit immigration income threshold

  16. International aid blocked in Venezuela

  17. Widow Turns Her House Into Shelter For Cancer Patients

  18. Gay Politician Leaves Brazil Due To Death Threats

  19. Muslim actor "test" crushes stereotypes

  20. Vancouver is threatened by rising water levels

  21. Greta Thunberg's Environmental Message at Davos

  22. Meet Angela Davis

  23. She's bringing cheer to refugee children 🤡

  24. When Obama was sworn in — 10 years later

  25. Brut spoke with marchers at the 3rd annual Women's March in D.C.

  26. EU Anti-Immigration Laws Similar To Trump's Wall?

  27. Trump's Fast Food Jackpot

  28. Captain Sully's and other pilots' calmness in the face of danger

  29. 18-year-old Pleads For Asylum

  30. Street Artists Clean Up "Beatles Ashram"

  31. Beauty of Holding Hands

  32. 5 young people changing the world

  33. A Look At Why Indian Men Hold Hands In Public

  34. Protests Against Hungarian Right-Wing Leader

  35. Guests Blast Fox News During Fox News Interviews

  36. Journalist Sets Himself On Fire

  37. Nobel Prize Recipient Saves Rape Victims

  38. Disabled Man Violently Accosted By Police

  39. She was undocumented and alone in the U.S.

  40. Not dead. Not a clone. The story of Nigeria's president.

  41. Who Are "Yellow Vests" Protesters?

  42. Meet AMLO — the New President of Mexico

  43. Solar Suitcases Light Up Classrooms Across Africa

  44. Caravan taunted by Mexican protesters

  45. Powerlifter Won't Compromise Her Identity

  46. Vlogger is Challenging Muslim Stereotypes

  47. He attempted suicide due to relentless bullying

  48. Refugee Kids Overjoyed to See Their 1st Snowfall

  49. 106-year-old cyclist

  50. Nurses are Undervalued and Overworked

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