1. French Prime Minister apologizes for expensive plane ride

  2. UN Secretary-General speech about migration

  3. The world in 2050

  4. Who is Emmanuel Macron?

  5. The Love Army raises $1.5 million for refugees

  6. Ambassador Hoekstra called out for his lies

  7. France ends fossil fuel production

  8. Middle schoolers around the world

  9. Who is Kim Jong-Un

  10. Macron and Trump UN meeting

  11. Hurricane Maria, no comment

  12. Find out about the Rohingya

  13. If I were a bride, around the world.

  14. Maternity clothing for young girls

  15. Trump on London attacks

  16. Gay Marriage in Australia

  17. Protest against Bannon

  18. J. Trudeau on feminism

  19. Pope Francis on climate change

  20. UN human right chief calls out Trump

  21. Tillerson on the UN's warning

  22. Top 3 solutions for problematic monuments

  23. Trump thanks Putin

  24. 3 times world leaders almost started nuclear war

  25. Haitians fleeing the US for Canada

  26. Defend Europe NGO

  27. Trump's PR analyzed.

  28. Presidents negotiating with Russia

  29. Rep. Higgins at Auschwitz

  30. Muslim lynching

  31. Reps. condemn Chechnya and Putin

  32. Australian senator manterrupted

  33. Schwarzenegger calls out Trump

  34. Putin's asylum offer

  35. Otto Warmbier's father

  36. EU member on Europe's hypocrisy

  37. Rihanna's mission in Africa

  38. Interview of a Londoner

  39. President Putin rare interview

  40. Gun control: US vs. UK

  41. D. Trump vs. J. Khan

  42. President Macron on Trump's decision

  43. Journalist confronts Department of State

  44. Macron ignoring Trump

  45. Trump's russian ties.

  46. NATO is Trump's playground

  47. Obama + Trump + Merkel = ?

  48. Who is President Duterte?

  49. Trump's controversial visit in Jerusalem

  50. Who was attacked in Manchester?

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