1. Cormorant fishing is a dying tradition

  2. Pangolins under threat as illegal trafficking grows

  3. Brain implants could be happening soon

  4. Brazil: dolphins working alongside fishermen

  5. Coronavirus is causing a dramatic drop in pollution in China

  6. Why some animals have a blue tongue

  7. Greta Thunberg: EU climate law is 'surrender'

  8. The diving bell spider encases its abdomen in an air bubble

  9. A tortoise related to Lonesome George discovered in the Galapágos Islands

  10. Why the proboscis monkey has a big nose

  11. Ukraine's mysterious Tunnel of Love

  12. How this atoll in the Philippines regained its biodiversity

  13. These volunteers are cleaning Acapulco's seabed

  14. Rescued chimpanzees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  15. The Eden Project has been called the "eighth wonder of the world"

  16. Why goldfish don’t belong in bowls

  17. A stork love story

  18. The Iberian lynx is no longer critically endangered

  19. 5 Good News Stories For The Planet

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  20. This French farmer is testing alternative agricultural practices

  21. The Green Blood Project

  22. Abalone poaching in South Africa

  23. China Bans Wild Animal Trade

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  24. Whale trapped in fishing net in endangered marine refuge

  25. Yerlan Nurgaliev was killed while trying to protect antilopes

  26. Wildlife trade likely to be the source of coronavirus outbreak

  27. French Guiana: agroforestry in the Amazonian forest

  28. What lies behind the decline of the vaquita

  29. France: A pristine nature reserve in the Alps

  30. The Portuguese man o'war: a colony of thousands of animals

  31. Thousands of mussels found dead in New Zealand

  32. How does snow form?

  33. The life of American icon Rin Tin Tin

  34. Saffron is the priciest spice on the planet

  35. 3 bad news stories for Antarctica

  36. Shocking footage of an organic, kosher and halal slaughterhouse

  37. The Horsetail fall attracts thousands of visitors each year

  38. NGO Four Paws rescues hungry lions in Sudan

  39. The enigmatic "cenotes" of Mexico's Yucatán peninsula

  40. This people makes clothes from tree bark

  41. 3 adventurers who faced the extreme cold

  42. Why mandrills are so colorful

  43. 5 good news stories for the planet

  44. Freegan Pony: a Paris restaurant fighting food waste

  45. Goose barnacles: a strange and edible life form

  46. The right way to plant trees

  47. How growing flowers impact the environment

  48. Thousands of camels will be killed in Australia

  49. World agriculture is polluting our planet

  50. The mysterious island of Socotra

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