1. 3-D Printed "End of Life" Machine

  2. The Struggle To Breastfeed

  3. Intersex Identity in a World of "Male or Female"

  4. R.I.P. Claire Wineland — CF Activist Who Inspired Millions

  5. Breast Cancer Survivor's Decision Ignored By Doctor

  6. Turning The Tables on Anorexia

  7. The Dangers of "Lean"

  8. He Wants Everyone to Embrace Their Uniqueness

  9. Student Confronts Conservative University Over Surgery

  10. Models and influencers Embrace Their Imperfect Selves

  11. Cultural Significance of Ear Piercings

  12. Men and boys should talk about their body image concerns

  13. Meet Violet Vixen — 11-year-old drag kid

  14. He was ready to walk into his school and open fire, until...

  15. Photographer Shedding a Light on Suicide

  16. Infant Circumcision: To Snip or Not To Snip?

  17. R.I.P. "Zombie Boy" Rick Genest

  18. Activists Protest Attack on Reproductive Rights

  19. Helping Save Black Babies

  20. Meet Kanisha Anthony

  21. Therapy Dogs Help Inmates Deal With Trauma

  22. The U.S. vs. Portugal: Drugs

  23. What is nomophobia?

  24. Maternal mortality in US

  25. Periods around the world

  26. Obama's reaction to the ACA repeal

  27. Suicides in the police

  28. Yoga in prison

  29. Sen. Rand Paul on socialized health care

  30. Senator Hirono on compassion

  31. The Cost of Viagra

  32. Ted Kennedy and John McCain on healthcare

  33. "Let Obamacare fail, it will be easier."

  34. TMS: magnetic pulses into brains

  35. Abortions in the US

  36. Non-binary baby

  37. Anti-heroin vaccine

  38. Interview with Handmaid's Tale protester

  39. Trump's diet

  40. Health care for Congress

  41. Healthcare around the world

  42. Republicans against Trumpcare

  43. Joe Kennedy on secret healthcare

  44. Fighting fatphobia

  45. Secret healthcare bill?

  46. Americans make their voice heard

  47. The "Every Child is a Blessing" act just passed in Texas

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