1. Eco Fitness Gym Converts Exercise into Electricity

  2. Nonprofit Teaches Adoptive Parents to Style Afro-Textured Hair

  3. She's Embracing Herself and Her Scars

  4. Celebs Embrace Their Body Hair

  5. Microaggressions Against Natural Hair

  6. 9 Surprising Facts About US Food Consumption

  7. Here's How Yoga is Helping Rescue the Rescuers

  8. Doctor rebuilds after opioid addiction

  9. How People (and Animals) Are Beating the Heat Wave

  10. China Clamps Down on "Beijing Bikini" Trend

  11. What foodporn does to your brain

  12. Human Composting: The Eco-Friendly Burial

  13. #KuToo Campaign Aims to Ban High Heel Dress Code

  14. Mom's Plea to Anti-Vaxxers — Measles Could Kill Her Son

  15. What is Vitiligo?

  16. Algae Could Fix World Hunger

  17. Busy Philipps Testifies Before Congress About The Abortion She Had at 15

  18. Is Gene Editing Ethical?

  19. Meet The New "Meat”

  20. What is Sleep Paralysis?

  21. She's Growing Her Confidence and Her Beard

  22. Dad-Daughter duo builds her a prosthetic arm

  23. A Way To Help The Homeless

  24. Fighting Plastic Pollution with Art

  25. Which States in U.S. are the Least Sex-Educated?

  26. Autistic Trainer Opens Autism-Inclusive Gym

  27. Why Christian OBGYN Changed Mind on Abortions

  28. Teen CEO Uses All-Natural Approach To Healthy Skin

  29. NYC Restaurant Owner Puts People Over Profit

  30. Model Activist Embraces Her Lymphedema

  31. Parsnips for dessert? Give it a try

  32. Life with Trichotillomania

  33. Doctor takes on the NRA

  34. This App Detects Signs of Depression

  35. Retired Firefighter's Mission To Save Overdose Victims

  36. Demi Lovato's Struggle With Depression and Substance Abuse

  37. Pete Davidson's mental health battle

  38. Deaf drag duo brings the laughs

  39. Russell Brand reflects on sobriety

  40. Baby Born From Donor's Uterus

  41. The Global AIDS Epidemic

  42. Chrissy Teigen Hits Back At Trolls Over Son's Helmet

  43. Fighting To Decriminailize Abortion in D.R.

  44. The Many Uses of Condoms in Cuba

  45. Illustrating Life With Type 1 Diabetes

  46. This Man is Seeing Color For the First Time

  47. Black Doctor Had Her Credentials Repeatedly Questioned

  48. #ThisIsMyLane — Doctors Clapback At The NRA

  49. The Struggle To Breastfeed

  50. Intersex Identity in a World of "Male or Female"

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