1. Meet Turkmenistan's "Modern" Dictator

  2. What is the G7?

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  3. The Life of Ed Sheeran

  4. 8chan Founder Discusses Regret Over His Creation

  5. Asian Countries Send Trash Back to Where it Came From

  6. Child Psychiatrist Helps Refugees Heal From Trauma

  7. Robin Williams' Compassion Will Never Be Forgotten

  8. Meet Victoria’s Secret’s First Openly Transgender Model

  9. 20 Years of Presidents Addressing Mass Shootings

  10. 5 Min To Help Change the World

  11. Olga Misik is the New Symbol of the Russian Resistance

  12. "Made in America"

  13. Chernobyl Survivor Says HBO Series Mirrored Her Reality

  14. College Professor With Autism Empowers Others

  15. "The Shoe That Grows" Helping Kids In Need

  16. Rainbow Railroad Provides Refuge to LGBTQ People

  17. This guy built a prosthetic arm using Lego

  18. Neapolitan Pizza Recognized by UNESCO

  19. Is the "FaceApp Challenge" Safe?

  20. Lizzo Wants You to Love Your Body

  21. Why is Puerto Rico’s Governor Being Pressured to Resign?

  22. The Life of Nelson Mandela

  23. The Life of "El Chapo"

  24. 5 Ways Politicians Clash With Journalists

  25. What Are Albania’s Blood Feuds?

  26. Forced Marriages in Kyrgyzstan

  27. How a Gay Indian Wedding is Breaking Gender Stereotypes

  28. The Life of Transgender Activist Sarah McBride

  29. Get to Know Tom Steyer

  30. Jessica Alba on Powerful Women

  31. What is Tanorexia?

  32. Lesbian Couples Aren't Treated Seriously in Media

  33. "He's killing us. He's starving us." — North Korean Defector

  34. Trump and Kim Jong Un: Friends or Frenemies?

  35. Native American Designer Celebrates His Culture

  36. 10-year-old starts drag club for kids

  37. Hundreds of "Dads" volunteer to help students

  38. Hayley Kiyoko, LGBTQ+ icon

  39. LGBTQ community connects with Queer Meals

  40. Kendrick Lamar is revolutionizing hip-hop

  41. Suicide Taking Lives of U.S. Vets

  42. Why The Things You Like Could Be Hurting Your Happiness

  43. Meet Tabata Amaral, Brazil's Own AOC

  44. What is The Crisis in Sudan?

  45. Exclusive Interview With Juan Guaidó

  46. Trump's awkward moments

  47. Cages Full of "Children" Appear Across New York

  48. Hip-hop activist Sonita Alizadeh bringing change

  49. Get To Know Peter Dinklage

  50. Remembering Theresa May’s Awkward Prime Ministership

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